Education Governance in New Brunswick

District Education Council Handbook Volume 1

The minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, district education councils and the parent school support committees share a common goal of student achievement and wellness. Each body has separate legal authorities.

The minister has the responsibility to ensure that basic standards are in place across New Brunswick. These standards are found in the Education Act and Regulations and Department plans and policies. They define the level of service that New Brunswickers expect from their education system, and ensure fundamental curriculum, safety, and service requirements are met.

District education councils are corporate bodies. They provide guidance, oversight, and accountability for district performance on behalf of the community. They ensure community priorities and standards are represented in the district’s goals and policies. They do not provide management or supervision of day-to-day operations as the Education Act delegates operational management and authority to the superintendent.

Council members are not education experts; people elected or appointed to the DEC are members of the public who care about the quality of education in their communities and are willing to work to as a team to further student achievement.